International Schools

Due to the extensive "Foreign" work force employed in Thailand with company's such as GM and BMW having major manufacturing plants here in the Eastern Seaboard region, there's no shortage of fine International Schools. We can advise you on the current curriculums, accreditation, reputation, transportation and school fee structure.

International Hospitals

The Eastern Seaboard is very fortunate in having several extremely well equipped, world class hospitals, including Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Pattaya International Hospital and in Bangkok the famous Bumrungrad Hospital. We can provide you with an assessment of the benefits of each of these hospitals, introduce you to the staff, and register you with the hospitals.

Banks and Financial Institutions

We can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various local banks together with the foreign banks that exist in Thailand. We will advise you on the necessities of a Tor Tor 3, and other local banking requirements. We can arrange appointments for you to meet with bank staff and assist you in opening bank accounts with your chosen bank.

Lawyers and the Law

While the law in Thailand has to a large extent borrowed from Western 'legalise', the biggest problem is that all government documents are prepared in the Thai language. We can introduce you to respected and trusted law firms in the region to assist you with any legal requirements you may have.

Post Office and Utilities

We will also introduce you to the Post Office, ISP's, Telephone Authority, Electrical Authority and Water Supply Authority locations and procedures, as failure to pay any of their bills on time can result in the service being cut swiftly.

TV Service Providers

Local Television is broadcast in Thai language, so you will most likely want to consider the UBC Satellite TV and Sophon Cable TV operators. Between them they offer well over 100 channels in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Indian languages. Subscription prices are very reasonable and services are quiet good.


Pattaya has many choices of taxi service from motorbike taxis, Songtow's (pickup trucks), private hire limos and buses. We can advise you on the rental or purchase of a motor vehicle, and assist you in obtaining a Thai Driver's license. We can also provide you with maps of the area, and details on motor vehicle insurance requirements.

Supermarkets and Food Supplies

The Eastern Seaboard has a number of top quality Supermarkets such as Foodland, Tescos Carrefour, Big C and Tops, all stocked with a variety of local and imported goods, some of them open twenty four hours a day. There are also a number of local foreign operated grocer shops, delicatessens, butchers and continental bakers for all those special needs. So if it's your favourite breakfast cereal from back home, fresh bread or frozen foods, or that special coffee you love, we can show you the best places to shop for your food and grocery needs.


Thailand is a shopper's paradise, and Pattaya is no exception. We can show you the major shopping centers such as Royal Garden and the Pattaya Festival Centre, Tukom IT center, The Outlet Mall and also the various local shops and market stalls for those cheaper items.


Pattaya is one of Asia's biggest beach resort tourist destinations and abounds with world class restaurants, with hundred's of restaurants from every nationality catered for. From the fresh local seafood to Western fast-food such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Doughnuts, etc, to the local fast food such as noodle shops and barbeque chicken stands, to 5 star dining, every taste and culinary desire is catered for. We can provide you with recommendations and assessments of the majority of well known dining establishments in the area.


The Eastern Seaboard is famous (or infamous, depending upon your point of view) for its nightlife. You can take your pick from the extravagant cabaret shows of Tiffany's; to the Irish pubs, the German Brau Haus, the English pubs, the Hi-tech discotheques such as the Palladium; or the numerous Ago go bars and bar beers - there is something here to cater for every might owl.

Health and Leisure

The Eastern Seaboard has in excess of 20 world class golf courses in the immediate vicinity. Coupled with the numerous beach side leisure activities, tennis courts, water skiing, horse riding and top class fitness centers and gymnasiums, Pattaya and district has everything to keep you in good health and top physical shape. We can show you the best facilities and arrange memberships where appropriate.