Rimtalay Company is based in Pattaya which is in the province of Chonburi in South East Thailand. Our housing developments are all within walking distance of the coast.

Pattaya enjoys hot and pleasant weather all year round with temperatures that average in the 30 centigrade this area does not suffer the damaging tropical storms that occur in the Philippines.

Furthermore, Pattaya was NOT affected by the tsunami that swept over Phuket which is an island in the Anderman Sea.

Pattaya is an exotic holiday beach destination nestled along a picturesque bay on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, roughly 170 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. From a fishing village in the 1960's, Pattaya has emerged as the favorite Southeast Asian vacation center.

A fascinating escape where tourists, holiday makers and retirees from around the world can enjoy an incomparable array of pastimes to unwind relax or partake in sports and other exciting activities.

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